Dear Mama,

I see you.

I see your big open heart and your fierce love for your babies, your desire to do right by them, a desire so big that it often feels bigger than yourself.

I see your courage. You have faced so many things in your life, you have gone to the depths of despair and back again, you have bravely destroyed things that were wrong so that you could build what was right and true and beautiful. You are strong.

And now it’s time to destroy again. To let it…

By Mike Hembury — SOAPBOX

“Unless there are rapid, sustained and large-scale reductions of climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, methane and others, the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C compared to pre-industrial levels, as enshrined in the Paris Agreement, will be beyond reach.” — UN Climate Change Secretariat

In the light of the recent IPCC report on the state of the planet, and the catastrophic trajectory of projected climate change, Antonio Guterres, the General Secretary of the United Nations, was unequivocal: “This is Code Red for Humanity”.

Code Red, in this instance, means basically, things are bad…


This is in honor of my sometime friend, sometime nemesis and longtime co-worker, Diana, who made her exit, stage left, and started her sequel ahead of me. Well played, Diana well played.

I’ve planned on how to quit my job ever since I had a job. It would take exquisite timing. …

By Irena Ioannou — GAZE

In 2020 Christina Hammock Koch, a female astronaut, returned to Earth after 319 days in space. Her journey constitutes the longest mission ever performed by a woman astronaut. Koch had also been one of the members of the first all-woman spacewalk performed in October 2019. The impressiveness of her actions is both a reason for celebration and a cause of concern. …

By Ryan M. Moser — FROM THE INSIDE

March 11, 2020 — This whole thing is crazy. The world news said there’s a new pandemic out there and the US might go on lockdown. Everyone on tv is starting to wear masks. A crisis is building outside of prison and I’m watching closely. We all are. We have families. Kids. Friends traveling abroad. This entire thing is surreal; I’m a voyeur onto an exterior situation which is beyond my control and frightening. Mom and Dad assure me that it’s a flu-bug that will pass.

March 20, 2020 — Visits are…

By Caroline Donahue — THE BOOK DOCTOR

Writing projects often begin as murmurs. An idea tugging at your sleeve, hoping you’ll listen to what it has to say.

All the novel ideas that have come to me have arrived quietly, most often in the middle of doing something else. On a walking tour, or reading a newspaper article on a Sunday morning, or in bed with a book late at night.

We expect new ideas to come in with a marching band and confetti. …


“He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left” — Chinese Proverb

It was a long road to work this morning. It wasn’t the road though, I didn’t even pay attention to that. It was the time that seemed too long. During my drive, I realized, commuting is a window into humanity. More than that, it’s a gateway into the laws of eternity. All of the past, every act of creation and scientific discovery is focused into the time it takes to get to work, and from those…

By Irena Ioannou — GAZE

I am furious. The talk of the town in my country is that a wealthy pilot finally confessed to murdering his much younger Brit wife, Caroline, and hanging their dog, after 37 days of feigning the devastated husband in front of the media and the world. After his deed, he staged a robbery, left his baby girl with his wife’s body and tied himself up. Three men with foreign accents did it, he told the police first on the scene and he almost got away with it.

What followed is that the murderer’s word was…


I miss movie theaters. I miss taking my daughter to see The Wizard of Oz and hearing her laugh at the Cowardly Lion’s roar. Getting a big tub of popcorn-there is a second run place near where we used to live that offers a “kids pack” with a little toy that comes with the popcorn, gummies, and a drink. My car is still full of those little plastic dinosaurs or sharks. When something in a movie scares her, she will grab my arm and not let me take it back. Many times…

By Mike Hembury — SOAPBOX

It’s not often that I feel the need to praise the actions of a US government.

But the recent announcement by the Biden administration of their intention to push for — an albeit temporary — patent waiver on Covid vaccines has created a glimmer of hope for the people of Covid-stricken countries, as well as sending shock waves throughout the pharmaceutical industries of the western world.

The move actually follows the lead set by India and South Africa in October 2020, and comes at a time when all of the major industrialised countries have more…

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