Dear Mama,

I see you.

I see your big open heart and your fierce love for your babies, your desire to do right by them, a desire so big that it often feels bigger than yourself.

I see your courage. You have faced so many things in your life, you have gone to the depths of despair and back again, you have bravely destroyed things that were wrong so that you could build what was right and true and beautiful. You are strong.

And now it’s time to destroy again. To let it…

By Mike Hembury — SOAPBOX

It’s not often that I feel the need to praise the actions of a US government.

But the recent announcement by the Biden administration of their intention to push for — an albeit temporary — patent waiver on Covid vaccines has created a glimmer of hope for the people of Covid-stricken countries, as well as sending shock waves throughout the pharmaceutical industries of the western world.

The move actually follows the lead set by India and South Africa in October 2020, and comes at a time when all of the major industrialised countries have more…

By Ryan M. Moser — FROM THE INSIDE




I breathe deeply, inhaling air through my nostrils and exhaling from my belly. The final chime of the golden Tibetan singing bowl reverberates through our confined space. Sounds of arguing echo from outside the classroom as I adjust my zafu cushion under the base of my spine, aware of the noise but letting it go. I smell cheap Fresh Scent deodorant. …

By Annie Mark-Westfall — LETTERS FROM BERLIN

As this global pandemic continues to draw out, it is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, not unlike a pregnancy. I keep wishing life would go back to normal, while having a vague, intangible understanding that life will never be the same again. I am beginning to hate everyone around me, and the questions they ask — though not really, and I know this is temporary and circumstantial. I recognize that this “pregnant” period of staying safe at home, eating constant snacks and growing my waistline, is an enormous privilege that not everyone has. …

By Irena Ioannou — GAZE

There are approximately 4.300 remaining religions around the world, and combined to the 7.139 languages spoken today, they hint to a pretty diverse world. 4.300 religions point to 4.300 different ways of thinking about creation, human values, and the afterlife, but anyone who belongs to the 84% of the population which is religiously affiliated, knows of course that their religion is the only true one.

Religion, women and afterlife

On the subjective human front, God, some religions believe, created man in His own image, and women, well, perhaps less so. Or rather, women have been…

By Mike Hembury — SOAPBOX

In these days of pandemics and pandemonium, as our horizons shrink and our communities fragment, it can be hard to keep a grip on the real, hard to hold a bearing on the lodestar of transformative change that this world so desperately needs.

How easy it is just to sink into the daily grind of just surviving, to let lockdown and corona fatigue limit our vision to just getting by. Think yourself lucky that you have some kind of income, bring home the vegan bacon and just let the world wash over you. …


I was looking around various news sites on the internet last week when I came across a picture of Congressperson Lauren Bobert (Republican, Colorado). She was asking to be called Congressman Lauren Bobert, just to show Nancy Pelosi and her gang of jackbooted, cancel culture thugs that she wasn’t going to be pushed around by the enactment of the unusually robust and egalitarian Equality Act. To make her case she was packing heat, in the form of an enormous handgun holstered at her side, waiting for the next Democrat who was stupid enough…


The other morning I woke to the news that Donald Trump had called Mitch McConnell “a dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack.” It was only days after McConnell accused Trump of a “disgraceful dereliction of duty,” and said Trump was “practically and morally responsible for” the attack on the capitol.

As I had my morning coffee I couldn’t help but wonder what looking glass we had gone through. The two most prominent politicians in the Grand Old Party were publicly and shamelessly swinging their purses at each other. They used to seem so…

By Ryan M. Moser — FROM THE INSIDE

The silence on the other end of the speaker phone is surreal. My biggest fear is realized as I breathe deep and tap my foot on the tiled floor of the chapel office. “Dad,” I say. “l know you can hear me. There are some things I want to tell you… “

My father can’t respond, but l want to believe he can. He’s lying unconscious, brain activity dormant, wires and electrodes connected to his temple and cranium, hair combed just right by my grieving step-mom, gown smoothed across his broad chest…

By Irena Ioannou — GAZE

In an ideal world there would be no child or spousal abuse, no weekend dads, and no fights over alimony or visitation rights. The state would interfere instantly in the suspicion of foul play, and justice would be served without delay.

We are not living in an ideal world. People divorce and often ex-spouses resent their former partners with an all-consuming hatred. Children get abused, and women’s much fought-for rights are constantly threatened by men who wonder if things were not much better in the good old days (for them).

The latest stealthy effort to…

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