Stirring the Dystopian Melting Pot: An Excerpt from New Clone City

Imagy by Kusi Okamura

She’s wearing a tee saying “Kill All Cars”, black jeans and thick-soled shitkickers with a bunch of buckles on them.

The panthers are just overlay.

But see you and raise you that most have their overlay muted or offed, just to minimize the danger of a pewomt.

That’s a Psychotic Episode While on Mass Transit, to you and me.

Claire is not most.

Mike Hembury is an Anglo-Berliner originally from Portland, England. He’s a writer, translator, musician, coder, sailor, environmentalist and guitar nerd in no particular order. He is the author of New Clone City, nominated as a “Hot Berlin Read” by Exberliner magazine. He is the SOAPBOX columnist for the Berlin-based online magazine THE WILD WORD. You can follow Mike on Twitter here:



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